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Spring in Parkfield and time to doctor the calves
Roping in Parkfield
30" x 436"  $4,500.
Dillon cowboy on horseback riding in desert with grazing cattle in rear
"Sun, Sand, & Sage"
8" x 10"
cattlemen looking toward past golden california hills at cowboy bringing in a herd of cattle
Looking Back
30" x 48"  SOLD
cowboys, horses, dog, camp cook gathered around camp fire with chuckwagon and cattle at night
"Cookie's Diner"
24" x 36"  SOLD
cowboy riding in stream to get to lost cow and calf
"Murmuring Stream"
24" x 30"

Please Note: All images, photos and paintings, are protected by copyright laws, and any use of them are strictly prohibited without express written permission by Lorna Dillon.

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