Lorna Dillon ~ Western Art

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Frame Styles

The finishing touch on a nice piece of art is the frame and I offer here frames similar to the ones I use on my originals. I think a frame with a linen liner creates a buffer between the painting and the edges of the wood and I prefer a one-piece liner. These rustic frames, which go so well with my western art, have both. And, for a change of pace, I like the plein-air gold frame which has simple lines. This looks especially well on the smaller prints.

3 in rustic 5 in frame 3 in gold
Rustic with 3" wide frame. Looks good on all the prints Rustic with 5" wide frame. Especially nice on the 16 x 20 and larger prints. However, because of the extra width choosing this frame often costs incurs oversize freight charges. Gold plein-air style with 3" wide frame. This is a nice change-up from the rustics and works very well on the smaller prints

Here are a couple of samples ~ Both are 9" x 12" prints

3 in rustic gold

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